New reports profile sub-national data efforts around the world

Written by TReNDS Staff


In 2018, the Local Data Action Solutions Initiative (LDA-SI) launched a microgrant program aimed at developing sub-national solutions for Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) monitoring. A new synthesis report and project overviews document the grantees’ data localization efforts in Aruba, Belo Horizonte (Brazil), Colombia, Bristol (England), Patiala (India), and Los Angeles (the United States).


These briefs and reports detail the process of creating sub-national SDG monitoring frameworks that are operational locally, yet also supportive of broader SDG achievement, from the national to the global levels. The grantees were chosen in part for their model’s relevance to their local context, but these models will also serve to benefit other sub-national SDG initiatives in the world. They approached these localization efforts in part by addressing the following questions:

  • What functional and feasible sub-national data indicators can promote SDG action and achievement?

  • What are methods for aligning and integrating national and sub-national SDG reporting systems?

  • How can local SDG monitoring utilize third-party data?

  • What data dashboard models can help provide granular data on SDG or SDG-aligned indicators?

More on the grantees’ shared experiences and contextual differences is available in the synthesis report. Notably, it details the projects’ impacts in the following areas:

  1. Broadening political support for the global sustainable development agenda 

  2. Supporting national SDG monitoring initiatives 

  3. Promoting action when national leadership is missing 

  4. Localizing indicators while also promoting coordination and comparison across regions and cities 

  5. Evaluating and expanding beyond official data sources 

  6. Incentivizing relative progress 

  7. Promoting inclusion 

For more on these impact areas and other insights, follow the links below.