Meet a TReNDS Expert: Laveesh Bhandari

Written by TReNDS Staff

In the Meet TReNDS series, we introduce you to TReNDS' experts, staff, and friends–leading individuals and organizations in the broader data for development community.


TReNDS co-chair Laveesh Bhandari, Director of Indicus Foundation, New Delhi, India

About Laveesh

Laveesh Bhandari is an Indian data scientist and economist, author, columnist, and entrepreneur. He is currently the Director of Indicus Foundation where he is spearheading a range of activities on the environment. He has had extensive experience in, and deep understanding of, data analytics, monitoring and public policy as the head of Indicus Analytics, which was India’s premier economic research and analytics firm. He is currently setting up an interdisciplinary environment researchers’ network aimed at catalyzing deeper research into the environment, climate change and relevant public policy.  He is also working with both industry and civil society in building a comprehensive environmental monitoring network at a global level. 


TReNDS Staff: In your career, what area of data for development have you primarily focused on?
Laveesh Bhandari: Socioeconomics and the environment

What emerging area of data for development are you most eager to tackle in your own work?
Real-time monitoring of the environment

What emerging area of data for development are you most eager to see addressed by the community at large?
Real-time monitoring

What is the most interesting use of data you've seen?
Understanding spatial poverty in India (featured on

What are you most eager to engage in with TReNDS?
Improving resource allocations for data for sustainable development