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Prioritizing Ecosystem Services in SDG Monitoring in Aruba

In 2018, the Local Data Action Solutions Initiative (LDA-SI) launched a microgrant initiative to support learning from existing subnational SDG data initiatives, harnessing tacit local knowledge and informing a learning exchange. This post details the work of LDA-SI grantee Wolfs Company during the 2018-2019 grant period.

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New reports profile sub-national data efforts around the world

A new synthesis report and project overviews document the data localization efforts of LDA-SI microgrant recipients in Aruba, Brazil, Colombia, England, India and the United States.

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Spotlight on LDA-SI Grantee: Community Systems Foundation's OpenCities Institute, India (2018-2019 cohort)

Much like the Local Data Action Solutions Initiative does at a global scale, the OpenCities Institute is embedding know-how, tools, and capacity for the use of city-level data by sub-national governments in India, with the goal of facilitating evidence-based solutions for the SDGs.

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