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UN World Data Forum 2018 Plenary Session – Gender Data Impact Stories: From Data to Action (TA4.12)


Plenary Session TA4.12 "Gender Data Impact Stories: From Data to Action" at UN World Data Forum 2018


DP World Hall
Madinat Jumeirah Conference Centre
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Despite increased awareness of the importance of gender data, concrete examples of gender data leading to impact–on legislation, government programs or policies, practices/behaviors, or perceptions/attitudes–are not easy to find. In response to this gap, Data2X, in partnership with Open Data Watch and Devex, launched a call for Gender Data Impact stories—to identify stories where good data led to positive impact, especially for women and girls. This session will explore the data to impact link and define “data impact” more broadly using the data value chain, and examine why good gender data impact stories are a prerequisite for achieving gender equality and the SDGs. It will also include a short workshop on data storytelling. This session was co-organized by TReNDS partner Open Data Watch and Data2X.

This panel is part of the UN World Data Forum 2018, the second annual event bringing together data and statistics experts from government, business, civil society, and the scientific and academic communities.

For more information, visit and read the plenary description here.