Identifying and promoting methods for sub-national SDG monitoring

SDSN’s Local Data Action Solutions Initiative (LDA-SI) was established as a joint effort between TReNDS and the USA Sustainable Cities Initiative as a program with one primary objective: to identify and promote replicable methods for sub-national SDG monitoring that facilitate local action in support of the “leave no one behind” principle (LNOB). 

Through a 2018-2019 microgrant program, LDA-SI supported data localization efforts in:

Early and late phases of the program garnered additional insights from Brazil; Baltimore, Maryland and San José, California in the U.S.A.; and Bristol, England.

The resulting briefs and reports detail SDG localization challenges in these varying regions, as well as the data solutions they designed to support SDG achievement.

Areas of Impact

Effects of the grantees’ work around the world

Through their work, the LDA-SI grantees helped broaden political support for the global sustainable development agenda, encourage action when national leadership was missing, promote inclusion, and more. Read about their areas of impact in our synthesis report.


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