Open Algorithms: Participatory Design for Data Projects



The Open Algorithms (OPAL) project is a socio-technological innovation to leverage private sector data for public good purposes by “sending the code to the data” in a privacy-preserving, participatory, commercially sensible, scalable, and sustainable manner. This brief highlights replicable lessons from the experiences of OPAL pilot projects in Senegal and Colombia in terms of participatory design of data projects.

Key Insights

Prioritize Ethics and Governance

The age of data should be carefully designed in order to materialize its promises to the greatest extent possible for the largest number of people on the planet.

Needs: political will and broad data literacy

Participatory design approach must go hand-in-hand with high-level political and institutional will in order to push forward implementation and collaboration.

Human Relationships are at the Heart of Digital Innovations

Keeping the community engaged and nurturing long-term collaborative relationships requires continuous efforts at a local level.


Prepared by
Julie Ricard, Data-Pop Alliance