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Getting the Most Out of SDG Data Investments: A Living Manual for Increasing Value by Focusing on Decision Needs and Portfolio Function

This guide provides an initial platform to meet the demand for useful and user-friendly criteria prioritizing investments of financial and human resources in data systems. It focuses on two crucial aspects of the designing for action question: how best to tailor data systems to decision-maker needs, and how best to combine data technologies to create the most value.

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Building a Local SDG Data Monitoring System for Baltimore: Insights from the US National Reporting Platform and New York City

The National Reporting Platform for the SDGs, which is an open-source website with code available on GitHub for developers to potentially use for local reporting, is a welcomed advance for local jurisdictions to interactively track progress on the Global Goals. Read this brief for recommendations on subnational reporting and engagement with open data portals.

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Metropolitan Planning and Governance in Brazil: How the use of SDG data can help to deliver better results in public administration

In Brazil, urban areas are characterized not by individual cities but as metropolitan regions, often grouping together millions of citizens across the borders of multiple municipal governments. Recent metropolitan-led policies such as participatory planning have led to a rise of a metropolitan identity among citizens. Learn about the role of data in metropolitan policymaking in Brazil.

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