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Bangladeshi slums reduce maternal and infant mortality with the help of innovative health data

International nonprofit BRAC developed a data-driven approach to account and care for mothers and young children in Bangladeshi slums through healthcare initiative Manoshi. Manoshi built the capacity of local health workers in Bangladesh to derive actionable data from social mapping, local censuses, and real-time data-sharing via mobile technology, contributing to more timely and effective maternal health interventions in urban slums.

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Reconciling polycentric administrative data: Improving drinking water security in rural Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, uncertainty of water quality, reliability, and affordability attached to largely unmonitored and privately managed water points pose significant risks to consumers, regulators, and service providers striving to achieve the goals of safely managed drinking water systems. This paper identifies the need to create information systems which aggregate data inputs from multiple sources, and derive value for multiple purposes.

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