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Achieving coherence between data policies for reporting against the Sendai Framework and the Sustainable Development Goals

The number and scope of organizations and disciplines involved in disasters is large, and the different ways in which they approach loss measurement can prove challenging to manage. However, in order for countries to report their progress on these issues against the Sendai Framework and the SDGs, robust data and information systems will be crucial.

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Open Algorithms: Participatory Design for Data Projects

The Open Algorithms project is a socio-technological innovation to leverage private sector data for public good purposes by “sending the code to the data” in a privacy-preserving, participatory, commercially sensible, scalable, and sustainable manner. This brief highlights replicable lessons from the experiences of OPAL pilot projects in Senegal and Colombia in terms of participatory design of data projects.

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Calculating the Percent of Households Earning a Living Wage to Monitor Progress for Achieving SDG 8

With the support of the USA Sustainable Cities Initiative and Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance — Jacob France Institute, Baltimore developed a comprehensive set of localized indicators for achieving the global Sustainable Development Goals in Baltimore. Among the indicators is a “living wage” measure, which was developed by MIT. Learn more about the process of calculating this measure in this brief.

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