TReNDS supports a range of projects at global, national, and sub-national levels that explore and document issues relating to SDG monitoring, evolving data governance, and new data-sharing policy and practice standards.


Current Work

Contracts for Data Collaboration

Contracts for Data Collaboration is a joint project of TReNDS, the GovLab at New York University, University of Washington’s Information Risk Research Initiative, and the World Economic Forum. This project aims to use an online library of data sharing agreements and supporting analysis to help data collaborators learn from past examples and craft effective agreements.

Data for now

The data available for the SDG indicators are insufficient – not timely enough, not accurate enough, not inclusive enough. SDSN TReNDS, the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, the World Bank, and the UN Statistics Division are working to identify indicators that can be monitored everywhere around the globe, at all times, with relative accuracy.

Data Reconciliation

Exploring the ways in which data reconciliation can be applied as a method to address data gaps across disparate sectors and stakeholder scenarios.

Local Data Action

The Local Data Action Solutions Initiative (LDA-SI) is a crossover project between SDSN's USA-Sustainable Cities Initiative (USA-SCI) and TReNDS enabling local data activities for SDG monitoring and measurement.


A collaborative community of data producers, users, and other partners sharing geo-referenced data on population, human settlements, and infrastructure.


Past Work

Open Algorithms Project (OPAL): Making private sector telecommunications data securely available for the public good. Read about OPAL.

Living Manual: Local-level blueprints for SDG monitoring. Read the Living Manual.