TReNDS supports a range of projects at global, national, and sub-national levels that explore and document issues relating to SDG monitoring, evolving data governance, and new data-sharing policy and practice standards.


Current Work

Local Data Action

The Local Data Action Solutions Initiative (LDA-SI) is a crossover project between SDSN's USA-Sustainable Cities Initiative (USA-SCI) and TReNDS enabling local data activities for SDG monitoring and measurement. Learn more about Local Data Action.


Data reconciliation

Exploring the ways in which data reconciliation can be applied as a method to address data gaps across disparate sectors and stakeholder scenarios. Learn more about data reconciliation.



A collaborative community of data producers, users, and other partners sharing geo-referenced data on population, human settlements, and infrastructure. Visit POPGRID's website.

Past Work

Open Algorithms Project (OPAL): Making private sector telecommunications data securely available for the public good. Read about OPAL.

Living Manual: Local-level blueprints for SDG monitoring. Read the Living Manual.