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Calculating the Percent of Households Earning a Living Wage to Monitor Progress for Achieving SDG 8

With the support of the USA Sustainable Cities Initiative and Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance — Jacob France Institute, Baltimore developed a comprehensive set of localized indicators for achieving the global Sustainable Development Goals in Baltimore. Among the indicators is a “living wage” measure, which was developed by MIT. Learn more about the process of calculating this measure in this brief.

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Building a Local SDG Data Monitoring System for Baltimore: Insights from the US National Reporting Platform and New York City

The National Reporting Platform for the SDGs, which is an open-source website with code available on GitHub for developers to potentially use for local reporting, is a welcomed advance for local jurisdictions to interactively track progress on the Global Goals. Read this brief for recommendations on subnational reporting and engagement with open data portals.

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Finding Sustainable Data Sources to Track Evictions to Monitor Progress for Achieving SDG 16 in Baltimore, Maryland

During the consultative process to identify locally-relevant SDG indicators for Baltimore, it became clear that not only was there no consensus of which justice-related indicators were most relevant in Baltimore, but also few (if any) datasets existed to track potentially chosen indicators over time. To focus attention on this issue, BNIA-JFI convened Baltimore’s Justice Indicators Roundtable to brainstorm a list of more than 40 potential indicators.

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